Latest articles Friday October 9, 2015

  1. Nucleus wants to be the patchwork Hal for your home

    A Rabbi and a Canadian walk into the smart home...

    By Dan Raile

    From the Disruption desk

  2. StartupU Episode Nine: Why won’t anyone build an actual working product?

    After seven weeks of manufacturing bizarre activities to try to teach the “students” how to be entrepreneurs, Tim Draper is about to throw them to the wolves.

    By Sarah Lacy

    From the Dreams desk

  1. Matthew Keys "faces" 25 years in prison like I "face" being eaten by an angry lion

    By perpetuating the bullshit around "facing," journalists are helping prosecutors and treating their readers like idiots.

    By Paul Carr

    From the Legal Affairs desk

  2. Rejoice! The all-new Medium brings you "closer to Bono" than ever before!

    Rock star tagging aside, the company's new features suggest it has picked a side between platform and publishing. Just don't call it the new Wordpress.

    By Dan Raile

    From the Party desk

  3. “Is this thing on, bro?”

    The downside of VCs becoming the spokespeople for the entire tech world.

    By Sarah Lacy

    From the Venture Capital desk

  4. "I was one with Nature, and it was nothing but terror": Canada was a cakewalk, Pt V

    They say cold and wet are the same sensation, and you can add “poor.” Cold and wet and poor.

    By John Dolan

    From the Dreams desk

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