Latest articles Thursday September 3, 2015

  1. Startup U, Episode Four: Do you even whiteboard, bra(h)?

    StartupU: Where tough love, common sense, and mentoring go to die.

  2. Someone really needs to disrupt the anti-brogrammer poster industry

    What do we want? The feral careerism of your collegial banter kept on mute! When do we want it? As soon as we figure out what that actually means!

  3. Previously on Pando — August 26, 2015 Startup U, Episode Three: You can't handle the truth

  4. A Journey Through Oligarch Valley, Pt 4: Moron (Exit 225)

    Taft is an oil town, swept up in the toxic fracking revolution that’s taking the U.S. energy sector by storm.

  1. Battle of the non-demand food startups, round one: PlateJoy vs Blue Apron

    I'm testing all of the non-demand food players. Round one did not go the way I expected… or wanted.

  2. A Journey Through Oligarch Valley, Pt 3: Septic Tank (Exit 244)

    Green Acres is not so much a farm, as a place where the great big city of Los Angeles dumps just about all of its shit.

  3. Is Burning Man the new Bohemian Grove?

    Tech leaders are the new Masters of the Universe, and they choose Burning Man over Bohemia.

    By Dan Raile

    From the White People desk

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