Latest articles Thursday August 27, 2015

  1. A good problem to have: Andy Dunn and Phil Libin talk about the difficult decision to fire themselves

    "I fully intend to be alive in 100 years, but I will be a disembodied head in a robot spider body with laser beams and that may not be the best CEO.”

  2. "Pre-seed" is now a thing. Unfortunately "Pre-Seed" was already another thing

    Pre-seed: The only early-stage funding that "mimics your own fertile fluids."

  3. Former Googler attempts to live a more idle life

    “To me idleness is not the same as laziness. Laziness is not living your life, not paying attention..."

  1. Startup U, Episode Three: You can't handle the truth

    Why won't anyone on this show be honest about bad ideas?

  2. The Bored Room

    Dear Founders, seed stage boards are way overrated.

  3. Do SpoonRocket and GoodEggs signal the beginning of the on demand food contraction?

    Postmates looks better than rivals in terms of city and funding spent per city.

    By Sarah Lacy

    From the Sharing Economy desk

  4. Is Pre-seed the biggest new small thing in venture capital?

    Pre-Seed is the new Seed. Seed is the new Series A. VCs are doing Bs and Cs. And mega-rounds are IPOs.

    By Sarah Lacy

    From the Venture Capital desk

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