Latest articles Tuesday October 13, 2015

  1. Shocker: Uber is having regulatory trouble in China

    Yesterday, a shocked tech press reported draft Chinese legislation that may make like a lot worse for both Uber and Didi Kuadi. Who could have predicted such a thing?

    By Sarah Lacy

    From the Travis Shrugged desk

  2. Previously on Pando — September 24, 2015 The War Nerd: Why is the F-35 Like an Albanian Mushroom?

  3. Uber hires former political spin-doctor as new UK comms chief

    Uber has just announced the hiring of a new head of communications in the UK. His name is Alex Belardinelli and his appointment is interesting for several reasons.

    By Paul Carr

    From the Travis Shrugged desk

  4. Awww, Snap! (Channel)

    Yesterday, Snapchat decided to abruptly shut down its own channel on Discover, Snap Channel, despite several high profile hires and elaborate plans.

  1. Hillary Clinton wants to meet Silicon Valley families -- for just three grand per selfie

    Team Clinton is having a “family celebration” at the home of YouTube’s CEO. And they want you to (pay tens of thousands of dollars) to come too!

    By Paul Carr

    From the Politics desk

  2. Steve Jobs: Jerk or genius?

    A Valley pioneer weighs in on Sorkin's portrayal versus the real thing.

  3. The most patient man in Silicon Valley

    The day Naval Ravikant turned down $1 billion and continued to methodically change the venture world forever.

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