Latest articles Tuesday November 24, 2015

  1. Turkey shoots down Russian plane: Wars have a funny way of taking on a life of their own

    Putin’s initial reaction is about as angry and hot-headed as I’ve seen Putin since he first came to power in 1999.

    By Mark Ames

    From the War desk

  2. The War Nerd: Captagon, the Beheading Drug!

    When it starts raining stupid, you have to figure that pretty soon the stories about evil drugs will start pelting down.

    By Gary Brecher

    From the War desk

  3. Previously on Pando — November 19, 2015 The bros have got to go

  4. Is Donald Trump really an American fascist?

    Let's ask Vice President Henry Wallace in 1944!

    By Dan Raile

    From the Politics desk

  5. Listen again to the Pando Patron-a-Thon: Part II

    A week or so back, we took to the airwaves for an eight hour radio show to officially kick off our Pando Patrons program.

  1. Shocking no one, Tellspec drops its baseless DMCA claim against Pando’s document host

    Also, quietly adds update to Indiegogo page, confirming they've indefinitely "suspended" shipping of their (unshipped) miracle device.

  2. Listen again to the Pando Patron-a-thon

    Part one: With special guest Jason Hirschhorn.

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