Latest articles Thursday May 26, 2016

  1. Jack Dorsey finally nails it

    Turns out Twitter has been doing everything backwards.

  1. SubletSpy uses surveillance tech to declare war on Airbnb renters

    A plucky startup has entered into the breach to halt Airbnb’s advance, with an assist from the Israeli armed forces.

    By Dan Raile

    From the Sharing Economy desk

  2. Peter Thiel's secret attack on Gawker is even worse than his support for Donald Trump

    Gawker may be vile, but that's all the more reason its critics shouldn't hide behind proxies.

  3. In a shocking development that nobody can possibly explain, Steve Hilton suddenly thinks the EU is terrible

    Completely unrelated: Steve Hilton's wife recently became head of public policy at Uber.

    By Paul B Carr

    From the Politics desk

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