Latest articles Monday October 5, 2015

  1. Anaphylactic shock, courtesy of a Victoria naturopath: Canada was a cakewalk, Pt II

    “’Eeeey, I’n nna thupid! I guh a P-A-Dee fum Buh-khlee! I’th ‘itten thith boothth!”

    By John Dolan

    From the Dreams desk

  2. Code for America: We coded our way into this, now help us code our way out

    Code For America says the government should learn from San Francisco, where black households have a median income of $29.5k vs $104.3k for white households.

    By Dan Raile

    From the Economics desk

  1. A golden age of funding for media companies? Not quite

    Don't be fooled by a few big headlines, the money going to content is still chump change compared to the broader landscape.

  2. Breaking: Chesky plays it safe!

    An onstage chat between Brian Chesky and Tim O’Reilly was dedicated entirely to delivering Airbnb’s best PR talking points.

    By Dan Raile

    From the Sharing Economy desk

  3. Canada was a cakewalk

    Drowning among nice, smiley people is a very strange experience. It takes a long time, and no one raises their voice — not even you, as you go under...

    By John Dolan

    From the Immigration desk

  4. Has great TV stolen the independent film?

    We are on the verge of losing part of a not very old art form.

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