Latest articles Friday July 31, 2015

  1. What Pierre did next

    After helping the State Department fund revolution in Ukraine, Omidyar is reportedly ready to invest in Gawker.

  2. Facebook Messenger: The cheapest, quickest way Zuckerberg has ever “acquired” 700 million users

    How is a tiny team lead by a former payments dude on pace to overtake Whatsapp?

    By Sarah Lacy

    From the Disruption desk

  3. Tech could learn a lot from cannabis entrepreneurs

    “If you’re not at the table, you’re on it.”

    By Dan Raile

    From the Disruption desk

  1. We’re gonna need a bigger round...

    After 15 years of staggering declines, the cost of building a company in San Francisco is rising sharply.

    By Sarah Lacy

    From the Money desk

  2. Glowing rabbits and perma-kittens

    Microsoft veteran turned sci-fi writer argues that genetic modification can only make the world a better place.

  3. Facebook gives engineers gazillions of stock options, hoping they'll find the next big thing

    Investors to Facebook: No, but what have you done for me this exact second?

    By Kevin Kelleher

    From the Employment desk

  4. Tech and Science leaders confront strong AI with bold PR

    Elon Musk fired a shot across the bow of technological advance, but nearly hit himself.

    By Dan Raile

    From the Odd Futurism desk

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